You can either be proud of graduating from a prestigious college or you can make your college proud of having prestigious alumni like you – the choice is yours.

Chairman's message

The Governing body believes that it has a special commitment to support each individual's goals. To this end, the college places emphasis on a world-class education that prepares students academically, personally and professionally for successful careers in their chosen fields. Policies, programs, and activities, which have been designed to implement this philosophy and purpose statement, are evaluated periodically and changed, as necessary, to meet the needs of the student body and the institution. Our educational approach is process-oriented; our emphasis is on bridging theory and practice, and in learning through collaboration and participation. We strive to ensure that the time spent at the college is a time of growth, discovery, and achievement.

Mr. A.M. Kharim

Principal's message

As we all know, you, the youngsters, are the strength of every nation. You all have a lot to do in the context of taking the responsibility of nation building. You are, of course, the real torch bearers who are bound to show the light to the future generations. The masses need the sheer guidance from you all when we, the elders, become weak and withered. For accomplishing these objectives, the young people have to be made dynamic and vibrant. Education is the most important factor which only is capable of moulding the personality of an individual. An educational institution which provides all the amenities including proper learning and guidance in shaping an individual personality would be instrumental in this respect. Here, in Jaibharath College, a student who desires to grow in education as well as in extracurricular activities, can avail all the facilities in this respect to accomplish the personal goals. Here, in the College, we, the Management and the staff members are committed and dedicated to fulfil the learning desires of our students. The students can enjoy the novel methodology of teaching from the part of the faculty members. They can also make use of the different programmes initiated by the college with a view to enhancing the skills, capabilities and capacities of the students. We are also keen in providing opportunities for the extracurricular activities meant for the students. I do extend a warm welcome to the student community.

Prof.(Dr.) Mathew K.A