National Service Scheme

Jai Bharath College
Field Action Projects
November 3, 2019
NSS Event
November 9, 2019

National Service Scheme

A unit of NSS with a volunteer strength of 100 is functioning in the college. It aims at education through community service. The unit envisages the developments of students’ personality and creativity etc. through diverse community development programs.

The unit has undertaken a number of social development programs such as rural road construction, maintenance of irrigation canals and construction of houses for the homeless. We have organized a number of rural camps for a better understanding of the social environment in which we live and offer service to needy people in a more effective manner. We have also participated in many social development projects such as the ‘Watershed Management Program’, HIV/ AIDS Awareness Programs, the campaign against Chickun Guinea Fever in the local area. Now we are in the process of a great endeavor of a ‘Clean Campus, Green Campus’ and an eco- friendly environment. Further, it is to be noted that, volunteers who successfully complete the course will get an additional benefit of a 2 % grace mark in the University Examination. In addition to this, social dedication, awareness, and discipline in life are also given due importance.

As a recent addition to the wide range of activities, the NSS unit associates with the functioning of the family counseling center organized jointly by the JBICDR and the Vengola Grama Panchayath. In order to attain the motto “Healthy Youth for Healthy India”, we are closely associating with International organizations like Red Cross.

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